Football Player, Movie Director, or Homicide Detective?


Olivia Cruz, Staff Reporter

Rocklin high school freshman explores the possibilities for his future.

Cole Broumas, a Freshman at Rocklin high school, is creative and athletic. His plans for his future vary from a football player, movie director, or homicide detective. Currently, he is on the Rocklin High School Freshman football team. Cole aspires to be an NFL football player. To achieve this dream he hopes, “to get a scholarship for football in college.”

“I’ve thought about being a homicide detective”

Cole is also interested in movies his favorites are, “comedy movies, superhero movies, and drama movies,” said Broumas. Besides a future in football, Cole would love to be a movie director. To help with his interest in directing movies Cole took Journalism. “I took journalism to help with my writing skills and interviewing, I want to learn more about journalism, writing, and photography,” said Cole.

Additionally, if Cole does not pursue football or movie directing, he has another backup. “I’ve thought about being a homicide detective,” said Cole.

His favorite superhero is Spider-Man. If given the chance to have superpowers he would choose super strength so that he could, “lift heavy things, and be better at football.” Although he has various aspirations for his future, football is still on top.