Balancing Dance Team and Dance Studio


Graci Hoop, Introduction to Journalism Staff Reporter

Rocklin High School (RHS) dancers, from 9th-12th grade are under a lot of stress while trying to balance their busy schedules and maintain a social life.

“I think I get overwhelmed easily with both of them but that’s when I remember that the reason why I do them both is because I love dancing and that is enough motivation in itself,” said Dance Team senior, Isabella Diocson. Balancing the RHS Dance Team and being in a competitive dance studio is a challenge most of the RHS Dance Team members face.

There are many obstacles when balancing school, dance team, and a competitive dance for a studio. Taitem Allen, RHS sophomore said, “I do feel drained mentally because I’m so busy all the time, but I remind myself why I do what I do.” However, there are some positive sides to the balance of it all. “Doing it with the people you love makes it all worth it,” says Sophie Killian who is a junior at Rocklin High. Along with being so busy, there is a time management aspect involved. Sophomore, Kaci Painter explains, “Time management is very important to me. I try to get as much done in class or in plus to limit what I have to do after school.”

DNA Dance Collective competing at Spotlight Dance Cup 2022

Alongside Painter, Isabella Diocson also touches on the subject, “It used to be super hard to find time to do my homework…I definitely have had to learn time management skills in order to accomplish all that I need to get done.”

Although doing dance team and studio dance is a lot for these dancers, they have found ways to make it work and to continue to be happy in their day to day lives.