Behind the Scenes of Early Released Seniors

Seniors of RHS share what they do when they are released early from school.

Hope Hopkins

Photo courtesy of Aili Wride

At Rocklin High School, seniors have the option to only take 6 classes. Thus giving them extra time to work on homework or go out. But what do the seniors do with their extra time?

Fellow senior Madeline Doran shared her experience. “I enjoy getting out of school early. It gives me time to relax before practice and gives me extra time to unwind from the day. or I can go spend time with my friends later if I do all my work right when I get home. I go home after school and usually nap for a few hours. Then I finish any class work and do my homework for my AP classes. Or I spend time with my friends and then do my homework.”

Other seniors agree. Dayna Garcia, another senior also shared, “On the days I get out of school early I just about always hangout with friends whether it’s getting food, going on drives, or doing homework. And I do enjoy getting out early. It lets me have time to get school work done and have time for other relationships.”

Senior Aili Wride stated, “I do enjoy getting out early cause it gives me some free time to do things I actually enjoy.”

This time seems to be used as a time for seniors to take a step back from a crazy senior year, and finally do something they aren’t forced to do and instead have time to do something they can enjoy.