Staying afloat

Managing the stress of working as a student-athlete can be difficult, but Abbey Hopp gives her insight on her experience


Morgan Fitzgerald

Abbey Hopp is a junior who plays both water polo and is on the swim team here at Rocklin High School, while also keeping up with her job at Chipotle. Her weekdays are filled with practices and her weekends with work. She works hard to keep up with her heavy workload because her schedule is pretty busy, as she has five weighted classes.

“I utilize plus and lunch a lot to get my work done and make sure that if I have free time on the weekends I am getting ahead in school,” Abbey said.

Although her schedule is busy, Abbey sees the bright side and notes that “working gives [her] some space to clear [her] head from the pressures of school and [her] sports.”

On top of the enjoyable experience of playing sports and the reward of having a job, Abbey feels that she has become a more well-rounded person. She has met so many friends through her sports and job and made so many great memories.

Although it can be difficult, Abbey works hard to keep up with all of her extracurriculars while still focusing on her school work.