Tapping into Talent

A review of the Rocklin High School musical, 42nd Street


Emily Broad

The sound of music resonates through the theater as the stage vibrates with the tapping of shoes. Curtains have swung open and the musical has started with an impressive tap number. Cast members smile as they dance across the stage and sing while the audience cheers. 

This year, the Rocklin High School theater has put on an impressive production of the musical 42nd Street. 42nd Street follows a young actress, Peggy Sawyer (played by Abby Dixon and Sophia Campagna) through her journey from a chorus girl to the star of a musical.

Peggy is a simple girl from a small town who moves to New York City to pursue dreams of being an actress. In the production 42nd Street, there is a musical within a musical. The production follows the characters who are rehearsing and the introduction of a famous actress into their cast of Pretty Lady. 

There are additional storylines including one about the famous actress Dorothy Brock (played by Gabby Aki and Olivia Moffat). She is cheating on her sugar daddy Abner Dillan with the charming Pat Denning. However, an accident leads to a twist where Peggy ends up as the lead. 

It never felt like there was a character that didn’t have a purpose and each cast member contributed something to the show. The amount of energy was consistently high as well.

Musical lovers can expect strong vocals and dancing, with lively acting. The first half of the musical is uproarious as the characters roast each other with insults from the 1930s.

One thing to be said is that some of the set changes were rough. The crew seemed to be scurrying to keep up with the pace of the set changes but got them done in the end. 

The overall theme of the musical was perseverance and never giving up on dreams. This is perhaps a cliche but 42nd Street gave a new perspective on a common message with a compelling rags to riches angle thrown in. 

This production of 42nd Street is full of life and won’t bore. If you haven’t seen 42nd Street yet, then make sure to get tickets and come see this exuberant show on Mar. 5, 6 or 7.