Rebuilding after bullying

One student regains her confidence after struggling with childhood bullies


Janae Aplass

From black eyes to bruises to taunting names, Kayla Wells, a tenth grader at Rocklin High School has gained her confidence back from second-grade bullies. 

Second grade was a time in Kayla Wells’ life she never wants to remember. While attending elementary school in San Jose, the days would drag on because of the cruel things she experienced. Every day when Kayla went to school, she was bullied by a group of girls (in her class/grade). 

“They would call me names, pull my hair and make fun of the way I looked. It made me scared to go to school,” said Kayla. 

When she would go places she would be scared of what people would say and think. She became more self-conscious than ever and her self confidence plummeted. 

The actions of these girls made her life that much harder because Kayla had a tough situation at home. 

“My parents were going to split up. They were fighting so they decided to live in different houses. They are back together and very happy now but it was a tough time for me at home.¨  

She got through the school year by having her friends by her side through it all. Her friends would stand up to the bullies when she couldn’t herself. Kayla knew that if she said something they would do anything to defend her.

Kayla is still in touch with her bullies, two of them actually moved from San Jose to Rocklin like Kayla.

She learned that life is too short to surround yourself with people that bring you down. 

As the school year went along she put aside their mean thoughts and decided to be happy with who she was.