Different Perspectives in School

Helix was homeschooled for three years then returned to public school

Janae Aplass

Getting up early is a new experience for Helix Lovette. He has had a difficult time adjusting from middle school to being homeschooled, whether it is losing a social interest, or even the classes being difficult online.

Helix’s dad, Scott has really helped him get through all of this by staying by his side and always making him feel comfortable and accepting all his decisions he makes. 

“I look up to my dad because he always trusts me and my decisions,” Helix said. 

Scott is his biggest influence on him when it comes to these situations because he always has someone to connect too.

Helix decided to go to high school instead of being homeschooled because he wanted to meet new people and get the real experience of being at a high school.

“I decided to switch back to high school because I wanted to get more of a real experience of being at a school and having social interactions,” Helix said.

Unlike being homeschooled where you can’t join clubs, sports or any activities that are provided at a public high school and not online.

“Waking up early is a new experience for me going into high school. There is a big difference in going to a public school. I only get about six to seven hours of sleep. While I get eight to ten hours while being homeschooled. I feel a lot more drained compared to being homeschooled because I’d be able to wake up at any time and start my classes for the day,” Helix said.  

The reason Helix wanted to be homeschooled in the beginning is because he liked the idea of not having to wake up early and go to your first class. Instead, he is able to wake up at any time and start his online courses without having to go anywhere. At the same time, he missed having real face to face interactions daily.

Going from being at home 24/7 to taking time out of your day to be at school for seven hours is a big change. 

“I think what’s mostly changed is how my learning experience is affected. Being physically at school is an easier way of learning because you get more visuals and activities to help understand. While being homeschooled you have to listen to a teacher talk and do a lot of reading with no social interactions” Helix said. 

Helix likes being in school because he learns more but also gets uncomfortable having to make friends or talk with people he doesn’t know.

Helix feels happy about experiencing both worlds whether it is being homeschooled or being at a public high school. He wouldn’t change anything about the decisions he made over the course of his life whether being at school or homeschooling.