Sicko Mode

How to avoid catching or passing around the seasonal cold


Kendall Milligin

As winter comes to an end, the colds that stem from this season decide to continue their stay from body to body. It’s hard enough to feel motivated when it’s freezing outside and rainy with little to no sunshine, but fighting off a cold can throw students off even more. We play this strange balance game, deciding on whether or not to take some time for self-care and allow our bodies to recover or power through it at school day by day.

Why do students push their body’s needs to the side and focus only on their schooling? Although there can be many answers to this simple question, there tends to be a constant response all around: not desiring to be behind and left playing the typical game of catch up in classes. Students, whether they take AP classes or are enrolled in regular academics, dread trying to make up for the work they missed when on sick leave. 

Symptoms of the common cold can be coughing, sneezing, a sore throat, runny nose, headaches and body aches. As time goes on and the symptoms are getting worse/more apparent, it is recommended to stay home and rest. By doing this, there is a possibility that someone can fight off the cold before it is even truly caught. Allow the body to use all its energy to fight off whatever you might or might not have rather than trying to accomplish tasks in school and being on the go.

This raises the inquiry of how to avoid the unforgivable sickness that passes from kid to kid daily or how to cure the academic killer referred to as a cold. When researching the best methods of how to disassociate yourself from fighting a cold, there were many helpful and straightforward recommendations of actions people can take to kill the cold before it takes over yet another person.

One action that can be taken when consciously steering from catching a cold is to wash your hands as frequently as possible. It is important to wash the hands with warm water and give some time to scrub them thoroughly with soap. After completing the washing process, it is important that you use a paper towel or fabric to turn off the faucet and open the door if exiting the bathroom. By executing this process regularly throughout the school day, you are lowering the chances of becoming ill even when surrounded by others that are. 

It’s important to also avoid touching your face with unwashed hands, including your eyes, nose, or mouth. Although it is second nature to many to have their hands on their face, being consciously aware of when your hands make their way up to the face, it can decrease the chances of catching the bug that’s going around. Either keep your hands sanitized as much as possible or use alternative resources to help relieve an eye or nose itch such as a sleeve. 

Make it easy for yourself to sanitize your hands and the objects you come in contact with by carrying hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes to wipe down surfaces such as desks, chairs, calculators, etc. These objects may have been used by a student prior to you and could be sick while touching the surfaces. By making small actions daily like always disinfecting your surroundings, you are lowering your chances of getting sick and helping others avoid it as well. 

Be considerate: cover your mouth when coughing or feeling a sneeze coming on. You would expect others around you who are sick to be mindful of the people surrounding them in the classroom or halls, so treat others the way you would want to be treated. The more a sickness spreads on campus, the higher the probability you have to catch a cold once again. 

Students at Rocklin High have many remedies that can be taken before, after, or during school when fighting off a cold, varying from just simply resting to creating a medicinal concoction. Sydney Becker, a senior, advocates to “drink lots of water and Gatorade” when feeling under the weather. 

“My mom taught me that by doing that [drinking water and Gatorade], it will help replenish your electrolytes,” she explains, “it works like a charm.” 

Avery Birmingham, a freshman, has something completely different in mind to help recover from a cold, offering her love and affection as an antidote. 

“When my friends are sick, I always come bring them little treats and hang out with them, at a distance of course,” Avery suggested. 

Another senior here at Rocklin High Hannah Lucho recommends “raw honey, lemon and a dash of salt mixed together in a shot glass,” to exterminate the cold. Her concoction submerged 

It’s difficult to fight a cold and especially avoid one in such a populated area like school, but by following small simple steps routinely, you can make it less likely to come to you. Take the day off of school until you are feeling better, give some time and rest to yourself, your body is begging you and is showing signs of the need to slow down and heal. Be selfish and stay healthy!