The Jim Wood Legacy

Rocklin soccer coach, leader and mentor Jim Wood has left his mark on the Rocklin Youth Soccer Club.

Morgan Fitzgerald

Most athletes have a coach or professional athlete they aspire to be like when they’re younger, whether it’s a coach that knows how to keep the game exciting or a college athlete that holds the school records. 

Having a source of inspiration is important for keeping many young athletes motivated on the field and during training, and when it’s a coach it’s even more prominent. James “Jim” Wood has coached soccer in the Rocklin Youth Soccer Program (RYSP) for years. He’s been volunteering in the program for over 40 years, helping bring joy to the upcoming athletes of Rocklin. He has coached teams with his daughter Jenny, who still coaches at RYSP today. 

In early January, Jim passed away, but his legacy still lives on. Alexis Watson, who trained with Jim when she was ten to thirteen years old, recalls his lively spirit: 

“He viewed everything in an optimistic manner, but he always remembered to keep his feet on the ground and stay realistic at the same time. His ability to view the game like this and [have] so much knowledge of it at the same time had an impact on me that I’ve carried to this day.” 

The influence he has had on the soccer program in Rocklin is immense, and it doesn’t stop at just coaching players. Jim and his wife, Nancy Wood, have helped create a scholarship program for players who have trained through the Rocklin FC program. There is a minimum of five winners each year, and the Rocklin FC program provides $1000 to each student to help them continue their education. In honor of Jim, this scholarship program will continue to help young soccer players through the RFC program. 

Jim’s coaching and inspiration have reached so many young Rocklin soccer players, and the legacy he has made will always be remembered.