“I’m interested in becoming an author when I grow up”


Delaney Lawrence

Chloe Entrican

Chloe Entrican has lived in Colorado her whole life but moved to Rocklin recently, “The biggest struggle would be adjusting to my new life here and making friends and connections to my new community.” When asked if it was hard to make new friends she responded with, “When I came here I found a really good group like Laney and Kaia and they were really accepting, like everyone is so … inviting here so it was kinda easy to make friends, which was really surprising.” Rocklin was considered a community to Chloe, “Rocklin is close but, compared to my old school they have a lot more students here. My old school only had like 400 people, in all. And so we were like really really close, and when I come here I see new faces that I’ve never seen before walking down the halls … It’s kind of nice to have such a variety of people because then you can get to more and so I think Rocklin is close in that way.”

“Rocklin has a lot more opportunities, like academically and sports because they have more sports here and more like AP advanced classes and courses you can take, so I feel like that opens up … a passage for my future.” Chloe likes to write in her free time and enjoys Language Arts, “I’m really interested in English and I love to write, it’s one of my favorite things to do. I do it in my free time and I’m interested in becoming an author when I grow up”

“I feel like I’m on track with my academics but it’s just like building closer bonds with friends, that no matter what you’re still together.” Chloe likes to read and write about things that help her mind wonder, “Fictional writing, I feel like it’s kinda like an escape from real life. You can escape from reality to write about something that you wish would happen or something that seems cool … I write short stories, I also write journal entries and poems and song lyrics.”