Grip it and Rip it


Captured by Frank Shields

Getting one person to the golf state championship is hard enough, let alone two people on the same team. Rocklin High School’s Girls Golf team sent two people to state this year. One of those is a senior, Elli Gordon.

In a recent interview, she explained her experience at state. 

“I kind of had a rough start yesterday, there was a lot of college coaches watching and I was really nervous… but I bounced back.”

She shot a 76 and tied for 18th out of 54 girls. Her background in golf helped her earn this rank.

With Elli being a senior this year, going to state and doing well was super special for her. She is going to miss high school golf but she is ready to play at the next level. 

“I love my team so much, they’re my best friends… we all would have just such a fun time together.”

Her love of golf did not start in high school. She has been playing for years and has never gotten tired of it. 

“I’ve been playing since forever but I started playing competitively when I was nine,” said Elli.

And her years of golf are still not over. Elli recently signed with Boise State University to play golf. Originally, Boise State was not her first choice. She had thought about other places for a really long time, but just wasn’t sure about any of them. However in a visit with Boise, she immediately fell in love with the campus and the people there. Even still, when signing day came, Elli was nervous.  

“It’s kind of nerve wracking to feel like you’re signing your life away for the next four years,” she said.

Even though she is nervous about leaving her high school team, she is ready to play competitively at the next level. Elli is very excited to attend Boise State and to experience something new and challenging that will help improve her golf skills.