Brotherly Love

The three sets of brothers on the varsity team gives the environment a more family-like feel.


Morgan Fitzgerald

Most students have grown up with siblings supporting them through all their athletic endeavors. But not everyone has had them on the field with them. 

This year the football team has three sets of brothers, and the support they get from them is tremendous. With it being seniors Mason Becker, Michael Bracone, and Nolan O’Harran’s final year on the field, the support from family becomes even more crucial. 

Most of these boys have grown up playing sports together; the Beckers have played basketball together throughout the years, and the O’Harran and Bracone boys have grown up practicing together on and off the field. Today, the shared love for the game continues to bond the boys together.  

Cole Becker says he and Mason, “get along better on the field because [they] have to be tight on the field and off the field at home [they] can fight whenever.” 

The two of them have grown closer throughout the season, as Cole is a kicker and Mason holds for him. Mason’s favorite memory from his time playing with Cole comes from this season when Cole kicked a 48-yard field goal against Oak Ridge, and Mason gave him a big hug after he made it.

Cole added that the feeling of having his brother’s support on the field has brought them closer together and motivates him to get better. Having his brother to look up to and push him to get better on the field allows him to work harder. The brotherly competition adds so much to the football environment.

In regards to him and Nolan, Toran says that “we look out for each other more on the football field, but off the field, we’re just brothers and we mess with each other a little more.”

The game is a great way for the boys to really connect with each other, and working for the common goal of the team brings the boys together.

Daniel and Michael’s relationship has also grown by playing football together. Daniel says that next year will be very different without his brother there beside him. 

Throughout the year, Mason has also been pursuing college football. He hopes to play in college, and the support of Cole and the rest of the Becker Family has helped him a lot.

Watching Mason pursue playing in college has helped Cole learn about the process and made it easier for him to figure out how he wants his future to look. 

The support he gives Mason gives him an idea of how things will be when he pursues his own college football. 

The team already has a very family-like environment on the field and sidelines, and this just adds to it. The boys support each other through tough games and good plays, and the rest of their lives.