All Eyes on the School

Rocklin Unified School District (RUSD) put up cameras around the entire campus


The reference you see in many movies of when someone is walking down the street at night and have the feeling of someone watching you.  

Along with the viral  Sandy Hook ad in which it is trying to send warnings and prevention of mass shootings, Rocklin Unified School District (RUSD) has installed cameras around Rocklin High School and Whitney High School Campuses for extra safety purposes.

“We picked the camera location of  . . . where people would actually come through or where we can catch them in transition — catch them coming through the parking lot by trying to think like an active school shooter,”  said Mr. Mark Douglas. The district uses these tactics to spot danger easily. 

Cameras are found in the back near the softball fields along with building J and H near the library. This purpose is for spotting danger in rough spots such as aisle ways.

Many students feel distrust and have the feeling of being spied on but, according to Mr. Douglas they aren’t really catching behavior of students, they are more for the aspect of an active shooter because of all the shootings in the past few years, RUSD is taking extra precautions.

“Everything takes forever in schools. For example, if we wanted to change the bathroom tiles on the floor it would take five times longer and more expensive than it should be,” said Mr. Douglas. 

“We’ve been waiting for security cameras since 2010,” said Mr. Douglas.

 RUSD started installing and setting up cameras and warning signs which say “You have no reasonable expectation of privacy in this area. Surveillance footage is not monitored live.” They were installed around the school late summer.. 

For the expenses of the camera, “it was worth the price and the wait” said Mr. Douglas. The reason our district waited for a while was because of the long process to get installed and the communication between the schools (Rocklin and Whitney). It was worth the wait because of security purposes for the community.