The Annual Spooktacular


Jenna Patton

Rocklin High School’s annual Creepy Concert is approaching in late October right before Halloween. The Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) departments have been working frantically to get their pieces performance ready. The VAPA classes participating in the concert are all levels of choir, band, dance and theater. All of these classes come together for a spooky and spectacular night. 

All of the VAPA classes bring something different to the concert, so there is always something that everyone will enjoy. The overall theme of the concert is Halloween or something spooky and mysterious. 

Because this concert comes early in the year, teachers are chaotically working on getting their groups ready. In an interview with Mr. Shawn Spiess, Rocklin High School choir director, he mentions his struggles. 

“For me and for Mr. Douglass, [Rocklin High School’s Band director] it is really hard to program music for because we each get 15 minutes and divide that by the number of groups we have, it comes to about 3 minutes a piece.”

Later on in the interview he explains that whenever he finds a song, it never accomplishes what it needs to do for Creepy Concert. With all VAPA departments they always need to shorten a song, or add something to make it stand out and fit a certain time so the concert doesn’t drag on

This concert is at the beginning of the year so the groups are not unfied yet, which is essential for an interesting piece.

“It’s right at the point in the semester where we are beginning to try to gel. You never know what the choir is capable of,” Said Mr. Spiess

This being the freshman’s first concert, it is very hectic with a lot of different things going on. A lot of them are very confused with the style of this performance. 

“It’s a completely different type of concert. It feels a little more frantic because we are running around so much” Said Mr. Spiess. 

There are negatives to creepy concert that have been mentioned, but there are also a lot of positives as well. Creepy concert has one of the highest student attendance rates because it has something that everyone will enjoy. It even has gotten so crowded that this year, there are two separate concerts just to accommodate. 

This first concert of the year is also a way for the different groups to unify and become comfortable with one another. Additionally, it gives VAPA classes the opportunity to see how each program works and what they do. 

A concert this early in the school year has the opportunity to bring classes and people together, but also has a lot of stress and struggles that come with it to make it great.