The Troubled Tale Of Student Parking

This year, students are left with even less space for parking.


Captured by Morgan Fitzgerald

A boom in student population at Rocklin High School has caused more issues than just increased fire hazards. The school has been left with more students than parking spots. 

While this has always been an issue, it has gotten considerably worse this year. As of the current school year 2,225 students attend Rocklin; a school designed for 1,300 students. 

“The parking lot has always been difficult to maneuver through,” senior Caitlin McCurdy said. 

“There’s just not enough parking for the amount of kids who go to the school now . . . we have more kids going here than we used to years ago,” senior Blake Ganz said.

Demand for parking permits is so high, lines made of seniors (who are given first priority) and juniors go from the front office to the counselling area to obtain one. However, having a permit does not guarantee a spot.

“I have to get up really early, so I have time to get ready for school and find a good parking space,” senior Rachel Johnson said.

Those who do find a spot have a new set of issues to deal with. 

“I don’t even want to park in there, because it’s thirty minutes of traffic to get out. Walking five minutes down Victory is a lot easier,” senior Jase Holmes said.  

According to Mr. Michael Pappas, the parking lot was resurfaced and repainted. With 400 permits sold, this worsened the pre-existing issue. 

The school has not announced plans to fix the parking issue, however possible solutions include buying vacant space near the CVS and converting it into a parking lot, however if such land were to be purchased it would also be considered for new buildings Until a resolution is reached, students are advised to come to school early to find a good spot.