Dynamic (Debate) Duo

The first freshmen to attend state debate competition compete as a duo.

This year’s yearbook featured Tyson Vu as Rocklin High School’s first freshman to attend a state competition for debate. Turns out, Rocklin High freshman class includes not just one exceptional debater, but a team of three. The yearbook did not recognize his debate partner and fellow freshman, Aritra Dutta, who also competed at the state level.

“Going to state was actually a pretty good experience. Many of our competitors were obviously mostly juniors and seniors.  It gave us experience (and showed) how tough state actually was (as well as) how much we need to improve to actually compete very well at state,” said Dutta.

“There was a lot of rest time in between, but during the debate we had to be really focused. It was a little intimidating but it was a learning experience, ” said Vu.

The duo attended the state competition together. Along with them, freshman Eric Ryu attended as a possible alternate, but did not compete. The three boys have a bright future in debate and plan to continue competing for the rest of their years at Rocklin High.