Post Dance Show

The Minor Chaos


Leah Mayer

Advance Dance Show week comes to an end with multiple memories coming to a close for dance 2, 3, and 4.

Throughout the Monday through Wednesday rehearsal, everything was running very smoothly. Unfortunately this didn’t reflect the Friday and Saturday matinee show.

While most of the dancers were having fun backstage, most were unaware of the difficulties on stage.

On Friday, during multiple dances, the lights began to flicker but no one thought much of what could happen next.

During the senior dance, Isaiah Garcia, had a solo. Right as he began to finish his front ariel in the first couple eight counts of his solo, the lights including spotlights turned completely off.

Ashley Irwin was in the booth doing lights and had no idea what had just happened because she didn’t touch anything unusual. After a multiple long seconds, with Isaiah still dancing on stage, the lights came back on by themselves.

The same incident happened during a Dance 3 dance titled Rockin Robin. The group of dancers continued dancing on stage while it was pitch black. Again, after a multiple long seconds, the lights lit up the stage without anyone touching them.

After the show it came to our attention that the light box was simply dying from being used so often and for such a long period of time.

The theater teacher and director, Ms. Toepke, decided she wanted to fix it although it wasn’t her theater production. She stayed after all the dances, teachers, and crew left to reprogram the light system to have no more light difficulties throughout the dance show.

To everyone’s surprise, this was not the end of the minor chaos the dance program encountered.

The Saturday show was running very smoothly with the lights working properly and the audience was intrigued with the show.

During Dance 2 dance Please Don’t Stop the Music, the alarming fire alarm started to blare through the theater building shocking everyone.

Mid-dance, dance teacher and director, Mrs. Huber, stopped the dance still dancing on stage and calmly evacuated the audience which contained 230 people and the dancers backstage.

Of course, timing couldn’t have been worse because it was pouring rain outside. Dancers still in costumes huddled under a covering to hopefully to become wet and ruin their shoes and costumes.

After only a couple minutes, directors and crew realized there was no emergency so everyone orderly and safely came back into the building and resumed the show.

After the chaos of the annual dance show, the dance program still remained to have a fabulous closing night with no incidents.