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Rocklin High Stunt Team

LAST WEEK :  Stunt had a game Last Thursday vs. Whitney at Granite Bay High School. We won by 18-4

THIS WEEK: Stunt had two games on Monday vs. Liberty Ranch and Woodcreek. On Thursday they will play Shasta and Folsom.


At Rocklin High school one of our freshman’s on the stunt team shares this with us,“One of my favorite memories from stunt is when we played whitney the first time and we were tied then went into overtime and sadly they won but then we played them again and we came in super strong and beat them 18-4”

  -Kennedy clough

Bella then tells us about what she thinks about the season so far,“The season is going good so far we’ve only only lost a couple of games, I think we are a strong team. We do team dinners for team bonding every other week so we can spend more time together and not just practicing.”

   -Bella McMillin


“First at a stunt game we have 15 mins to warm up then the first half starts and we have four routines per quarter. they have the option of picking a routine 1-6 with level six being the highest.  the first quarter is partner stunts and the team who won the coin toss gets to pick the level. whoever wins gets possession. the next quarter is pyramids. then it’s halftime and you get 10 minutes. the third quarter is tumbling. the last quarter is all quarters combined so you do partner stunts, jumps and tumbling. all those quarters add up to be at max 21 points,i like how it’s cheer but i don’t like how with each ref it’s different the way they judge the routines.”

   – Noelle Marinelli

By: Jazzy,Abby and Teeg


Rocklin High JV Baseball

LAST WEEK: Last week JV baseball had a series against Whitney. Two of the games were at Whitney and one of them was at home. We won the first game ___ lost the second game 11-9, and won the third game 9-7. We also played Granite Bay on Monday and we won 13-3.

THIS WEEK: This week we play Granite Bay on Wednesday and Friday. On Wednesday we have a home game here, and on Friday it is at Granite Bay.


One of the baseball players Andrew Woodward gave us a quote about how he feels his baseball team is doing. He said, “We have been playing really good and I feel like we have really came together and bonded as team. I like going to our games knowing that if one of us makes a mistake we will point it out, but always be there to pick each other up.”


Tucker Almond says, “We basically do the same thing before every game we play, nothing special. We have warm ups, it takes about an hour to throw, hit, and stretch and do what we need to do to get ready for the game.”


Volleyball JV/ V

LAST WEEK:  Varsity boys volleyball won their game against Whitney (3-1) on 4/2/19 . Then, on 4/4/19, both of the boys volleyball teams won their games against Folsom. The varsity team won (3-0) and the JV team won (2-0).

THIS WEEK: Games this week include JV and Varsity boys volleyball playing against Granite Bay (4/9/19), JV and Varsity playing against Del Oro (4/11/19), and this weekend the Varsity team has a tournament hosted by Granite Bay (4/13/19).


Question: Favorite part of the season so far and why?

Andrew Price: “[My favorite part of the season] is probably the game against Whitney because it was really intense and there was a big show of students there. My teammates and I were really hyped. We won the game.”

Question: How is the tournament experiences with the team?

Jake Yarbrough: “[The tournament experiences] were really fun. My team is pretty chill. We have done some team bonding together. We just hangout and talk about the games and learn from the mistakes we made. Our first tournament we got second, and our most recent we got around fifth.”

By: Kaylee Mazon, Malia Damacion, & Devyn Galia


Softball, JV and V

LAST WEEK :  The JV and Varsity Softball teams played against Granite Bay and Del Oro. Varsity won against Granite Bay, but sadly both teams lost to Del Oro.

THIS WEEK: Both JV and Varsity have a game against Whitney on April 11th at Whitney.

QUOTABLE : “The season has been really fun because I really like my team and my coaches. I play outfield and everyone on the team is so nice so it’s been really fun. A team bonding experience we did was when we had a game against whitney on the 6th, we had a team breakfast at Mel’s and it was a really fun experience before our game,” said by Taryn Szeremi.

EVERYTHING ELSE : Both JV and Varsity has only lost two of their games so far in the season.

By Lauren Rose, Kendall Lacker, and Marlys Hutak


JV Girls Track

LAST WEEK: Last week Rocklin hosted a meet against Whitney. The JV girls defeated Whitney overall and unfortunately the Varsity team lost to Whitney High School. THIS WEEK: This week Rocklin is hosting a meet on Wednesday against Oakridge. The track team will continue practice over the Spring break.

QUOTABLE: Rebecca Ryan told us about what she has to bring to a typical track practice. She said,“For practice it’s definitely best to wear warm clothes, tennis shoes, and bring a water bottle. For practice we don’t use spikes as much. Honestly we don’t need a lot, but it’s hard work!”

EVERYTHING ELSE: Rocklin hosted the Thunder Invitational on Saturday, April 6th.

By Audrey Picart, Cara LeRossignol, and Lucas Boast.


Boys JV Golf

LAST WEEK :  SFL Tournament #1 on Monday, April 1st. They placed 6th, scoring 489.

On Wednesday, April 3rd they lost a match against Roseville.

Finally, on Thursday they lost by 3 strokes to Whitney.

THIS WEEK: JV Golf played in the YOLO JV tournament on Monday, April 8th, followed by a match against Woodcreek on Tuesday. The week concludes with a match against Del Oro on Wednesday.


A story telling quote

EVERYTHING ELSE  A match on Tuesday, April 2nd against Granite Bay was canceled due to weather conditions.

By Brandon Mick, Alex Bernstein


Baseball freshman

LAST WEEK : They had a three game series against Whitney. On Monday the 1st they played Whitney at home and they lost 3 to 5. On April 3rd they played Whitney again and with a 2-0 win. On April 5th they play Whitney at home for the last time and won 2-1.

THIS WEEK: This week they play a three game series against Granite Bay. On Monday the 9th the freshman team played at home and won 4 to 3 in the first game of the series against Granite bay and two more games on the 10th and 12th. On the week of spring break they have tournament playing Elk Grove, Davis, Oak Ridge, and Franklin at Oak Ridge.


“The best part of Baseball so far has probably been just playing the sport that we all love and coming together as a team.” -Daniel Lewis


Injured List: Derek Culver

Sam Eckenburg, Jackson MInnick, and Landen Dean


Rocklin Boys Swim JV and Varsity

LAST WEEK :  Boys swim had last duel meet last week on Thursday at Vista del Lago against Folsom.The whole team took a loss but plan to come back better this week.

THIS WEEK: Boys swim has champs this week which is the championship meet with every team in Northern California league and more. The first day everyone swims to see who will make the second day. The second day is where the finals are and then the winners are announced.


“So at the meet rocklin won by quite a bit yeah we did and it was close for a while but in the later events rocklin just slowly started pulling ahead and Folsom couldn’t come back and it was pretty fun because we hadn’t won very many meets this year due to people being sick or injured and is just a good experience to get a win one thanks.” (Paul Miller)


Paul Miller is recovering from a knee injury that took place a couple of weeks ago. One of the seniors almost fell off the block during senior night. The swimmers were doing their chant when the national anthem starts playing, they said it was really funny.

By your names to get credit

By: Lauren Rockey, Clara Barnes, Addy Cooper, and Shayla Verma


Jv Tennis (Boys)

LAST WEEK  Lost to Mcclatchy and Rio Americano

Sadly last week the team lost to McClatchy and Rio Americano

THIS WEEK: Games events starting afternoon of 4.10 and including Spring Break

This week they have a match against Woodcreek on Monday  

QUOTABLE “1st week of playing actual games we played the toughest teams in division 2 mcclatchy and rio americano and we lost both overall but me personally won against mcclatchy and lost against rio, nothing out of the ordinary happened. Many practices have been cancelled due to weather but we watch film during rain and sometimes get some serves in. nobody is currently injured at the moment. In

practice we work on volleys because they are a very important aspect of tennis and we also work on our shots and strokes”

-Andrew Blair



The team didn’t have much playing time due to rainy weather canceling practices and matches. Many of the  practice days that were available were used for make up matches The team is persevering and using whatever playing time that is given to them to good use. They continue to work harder then ever and try there bests at their scrimmages. Goodluck boys!The team went against Fun facts, etc. you may also create new categories like INJURED LIST, RAINY DAYS, ETC.

No one is currently injured

Grace Alfaro and Mia Mcgarry