Richest Movie Ever?

Avengers on it’s way to be #1 grossing film of all time


Avengers: Endgame passed $2.5 billion this past weekend, putting it as the second highest grossing film ever. The only movie left is Avatar, which grossed an astonishing $2.78 billion, 10 years ago. The difference between the two, Avatar hit $2 billion in 47 days, a feat done by Endgame in 11.

Endgame has the largest worldwide opening by almost double of its predecessor, raking in $1.22 billion. The movie that had the second best opener was Avengers: Infinity War, the previous movie in the Avengers series, it made $640 million last year.

Endgame currently ranks third on the highest grossing domestically, with $723.7 million, soon to pass Avatar at $760.5. Endgame is over $200 million away from reaching the first place, Star Wars: The Force Awakens sitting at an almost unreachable $936.7 million.

Where Endgame is truly thriving is overseas, grossing almost $1.8 million. Yet again the only movie in Marvel’s way is Avatar, grossing just over $2 billion overseas. In China, Endgame is now the highest grossing foreign film ever, with $603 million.  The film has set over 30 records in China, including fastest to 3 billion yuan, or approximately $438 million.

Theatres took extra precautions to accommodate for the amount of people predicted to attend Endgame during opening weekend. AMC theatres had showings at 4a.m. and 7a.m. that were completely sold out.

 According to a survey put out by Fandango, 81 percent of moviegoers said they would see the Marvel movie in theatres again. This could help ensure a slower drop in sales after opening weekend.