Summertime Sadness

May with a Cold Spell


April showers may bring May flowers but this year, May is the month bringing the showers. May began to become very hot regarding the notion that summer is soon but starting on May 15th, temperature dropped and the clouds brought on the rain.

Students starting wearing shorts and shirts to school enjoying the warm spring air that will soon turn into summer. Slowly putting winter and fall clothes away, students had to pull them back out from the unusual weather that occurred.

Clouds, rain, and chilly air appeared in the middle of May which left everyone confused and frustrated.

From May 1st to May 14th, the air was warm, flowers were out, students were playing sports outside or tanning, and birkenstocks were brought back out. Unfortunately, those warm days came to an end for hopefully only a week.

On May 15th, students showed up to school not prepared for the cold air because of the surprising change in the forecast.

The forecast was up to the high 80’s throughout the past couple weeks with clear skies and the sun shining.

The forecast has now dropped to mid 60’s with cloud cover and showers.

Students have not been happy with the change because summer is soon which means swimming and outdoors activities need warm weather.

May hopefully will bring back the spring flower days but for now, students will be back in sweatshirts complaining about the chilly weather.