Virginia’s Comeback

UVA wins the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament


Monday night, April 8th, Virginia and Texas Tech battled for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Title. This came as a big shock to fans who like to make a march madness bracket. Last year, Virginia was ranked a one seed, but they lost in the first round of the tournament to a sixteen seed. Not a single person predicted the upset last year.

“I had Duke playing North Carolina in the final two with Duke winning the whole thing. Just cause of all the hype with Zion Williamson, I expected Duke to win it all. Seeing Texas Tech and Virginia in the final two was kinda surprising. Especially since last year Virginia lost to a sixteen seed, UMBC,” said senior Ben Oehler.

The favored team, Duke, lost to Michigan State in the Elite Eight. Going into the game, Virginia was the favored team, being ranked a one seed. Texas Tech, being the underdog, was ranked a three seed. ESPN’s projections gave UVA a 72.3% chance of winning.

Once the game tipped, it was close the entire time. At the very end of the game Texas Tech was ahead by three, but Virginia’s sophomore, Hunter, tied it up with a three pointer, sending the game into a five minute over time.

In the last five minutes of the game, Texas Tech choked and couldn’t pull it together. The final score was 85 to 77. It was an accomplishment for both teams, as it was both of their first appearances in the championship.

It was therefore, Virginia’s first time winning the tournament. Virginia had an incredible season with a winning record of 35-3. Each of their wins leading to the final showed they they can truly shed the baggage of last season. What an incredible way to close out the season.