Stunt Team

RHS Stunt Team Strives to Qualify for State Once More


One of the more recent female sports to arrive at Rocklin High School is the Stunt Team. Since the sport came about Rocklin has managed to make it to state championships every year and won the first Stunt California state title.

With spring sports in full swing, the female athletes on the team are working hard to secure their spot at state for the sixth year in a row. It’s an accomplishment few Rocklin high school sports teams have achieved.

“I have been on the team the past four years, and every year we have the goal of making it to state. It might seem far fetched but it really motivates us to do as best we can because it means we get to go as far as possible. Stunt is a new sport, so people at our school still look down on it, but that motivates us even more to do better to prove to everyone how hard we work to get to where we are. We’ve won before, we’ve gone undefeated, beaten the best teams in the league, and still been every year. It’s about consistency. This year I hope we can go to state again, and this time I hope we can reach our goal to win,” said Senior Stunt Captain Aleah Schotsal.

The students that are on the Stunt team often have a background in Cheerleading. For the girls on the team that participate in RHS Cheer, there are no breaks in their sport season.

“I’ve done Cheer and Stunt all throughout high school, the Cheer season ends and starts up again during Stunt season so we never get a break. It does at least help the team get to State because we are doing stunts and improving the entire year,” said Stunt Captain Taylor Sorenson.

The team’s shot at another State Champion title is only a month away, and to achieve the goal schedule consists of practices, games and open gyms outside of regular practice.

“I’m in the highest level stunt so we do the hardest skills. My group goes to open gym so we have extra time to perfect our routine, it’s really rewarding when we hit at games because we work so hard on what we do,” said Junior Maddy Gomez-Behar.

The next stunt match will be today in the large gym at 5:30 and 7:30.