ASB Prez

Two students battle it out to get the most votes for ASB president


Posters have been hung, speeches have been read, donuts have been bought. It’s that time of year: election week.

With unopposed contestants in the Vice President, Sergeant at Arms, and Secretary races, it has shifted school wide focus to the presidential race. The two opposers are juniors Mary Kate Sackinsky and Colton Harrison. Both have spent a majority of their lives in student government, and both want more than anything to win the presidential bid.

Both of them gave their two cents on the election. As said by Mary Kate, “I want to be president because I believe that the school has some culture issues. As president I want to change those issues and make the school more unified, by having the students happy to be here on campus and wanting to be here.”

One of Mary Kate’s main goals, she says, is to try and improve the school atmosphere. “I want people to want to go to things, and go to extracurriculars, and support each other. Because once you support each other and have fun with it, it draws more people in. Happiness is contagious.”

Colton, asked the same question of why he wanted to become the next president, said “I want to be president because I have personally had such a great experience in high school and I think it is really important that everyone has a similar experience to me. Because getting involved in the campus, I realized, hasn’t been very great this year because of teacher strike issues and just issues on the campus as a whole.”

Mary Kate is not alone in her campus culture campaign goals, as Colton says “I think that if I become president I will be able to revive the culture of the campus so that people will want to go be more involved in sporting events and dance events, in order to feel more connected to the campus as a whole.”

Both individuals have specific changes they plan to make happen for the next school year. Mary Kate says “I feel like at times, the school doesn’t have great school spirit and it feels like nobody really cares. It starts with school spirit and getting hyped for things. I want to do tailgates and bonfires and introduce those into before big sports games or dances. Just getting a big group of people together to support one cause.”

For Colton, he says “Ultimately, I realize that all through Rocklin, presidents make too many lofty goals for themselves. My goal all together is to try to encourage participation as best as we can. When I look at Whitney’s ASB, they are really small and we obviously have the numbers and the capability to publicize and advertise stuff very well because they’re able to do it even better than we are, because their ASB is so committed to their goal. I feel like I would be able to encourage ASB to be more committed to the entire goal.”

This election is looking closer by the minute, and tomorrow at the sadies dance, Rocklin High will have a new elected president.