Nostalgic Kids Shows

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Nostalgic Kids Shows

Emily Broad

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My brother and I sitting inside while the snow falls outside. Together we’re huddled in a blanket on the sofa, our eyes fixed on the screen. A rerun of Scooby-Doo plays as my mom and dad wake up slowly on the winter Saturday.

For all of us, there was that show. The one we set to always record and the one we looked forward to after school. I went ahead and compiled just some of the nostalgic shows that take me back.

My brother’s and my favorite show of all time when we were younger was Scooby Doo. This is a classic show that depicts a group of five mystery-solving teenagers. You follow along with the four kids and their dog as they work to solve paranormal mysteries. The show is funny and appropriate for kids without being mind-numbing.

Some people say that for little kids, the show is scary and so some kids didn’t like it when I was little., If you’re over 8 you’ll be fine. It’s all cartoon and mostly just the music that makes it scary for younger audiences.

After Scooby Doo, began my obsession with Hannah Montana. The show follows a normal girl by day and a pop star by night. It all starts when Hannah’s best friend, Lilly, learns about her secret life and it goes from there. The drama of the show really got my 5-year-old self going (especially the whole Jesse and Jake love triangle).

For some parents, this show meant their kids adopting the negative aspects of the characters. It is apparent that Miley and her brother Jackson, aren’t respectful to their father. This made some parents ignore the positive qualities of the show. The really admirable aspect is that Miley has to face everyday challenges that a tween would face.

From that came my love for iCarly. This was a long phase. It lasted from about 6 years old to 8 years old. I watched Carly, Sam, and Freddie on the daily. Did I have an iCarly nightgown and toy camcorder? Oh, yes I did.

Additionally, I found the character development to be fascinating. The best friend of the main character is Sam. She is portrayed as a trouble-maker, but with a troubled past.

Most of the adults who watch the show conclude that Sam is a bad influence on kids, but that’s because they may not understand her story. The really impressive thing is that Sam is facing challenges such as her mother neglecting her and favoring her sister.

This provides a relatable character, especially when she is worried about things like where she is going to live. She also grounds the show and is a great friend to Carly and Freddie, especially when they most need it.

After that, my main show was Phineas and Ferb. The show is about two inventor brothers who share their inventions with their friends. They go on all kinds of dangerous adventures but their mom is oblivious whenever their sister tries to tell her.

Phineas and Ferb especially brings back memories of drinking lemonade and sitting with my brother over summer vacation. When I was 10 years old, my grandma came to stay with us and I remember watching episodes with her. I also remember eating cake for breakfast that visit.

This is a show that I think most people enjoy. However, it could be argued that the older sister Candace isn’t a great role model for young girls. Her storyline consists of trying to tattle on her brothers all the time and pursuing a neighbor boy, Jeremy.

With Phineas and Ferb, though, there is another girl in their friend group, Isabella. She is definitely a great role model. She is a hard worker and a leader in her Fireside Girl Troup. She helps Phineas and Ferb and comes up with ideas to improve her projects.

Whatever the show I mostly cherish the memories. Cuddling with my mom or sitting with my brother. Singing along to the songs and learning my letters. Early mornings and pajamas with Scooby and the gang especially.