Emergency No More

Senate Overturns Trump’s National Emergency Motion

Emergency No More

Following the longest government shutdown in US history, President Donald Trump made clear his intentions to bypass the will of Congress and have his border wall built through any means necessary. It would be as simple as declaring a national emergency. Or so he believed.

The senate voted to overturn his declaration. In a rare case of bipartisanship, 12 GOP senators voted against President Trump. Opinions on the topic vary.

”I dont think its necessary to have a giant wall. The senate were justified in their actions. Trump used the wall as an empty campaign promise.” Freshman Trevor Bell says.

“He should have been able to build the wall, because I think there’s an immigration crisis.”  Freshman Yasi Najafi says.

Whether or not this vote from the senate will withstand is uncertain. Trump has issued a veto, claiming the senate has the ability to make such a ruling but it is “his duty” to overrule their choice.

It has become evident that President Trump does not have the will of the people in mind, going so far as to attempt to circumvent the constitution twice in order to fulfill his agenda. This will hopefully serve to bring awareness to executive overreach and encourage voters to be more careful in choosing a president who actually represents our interests.