The Joke Master

Pranit Khurana is known as the master of jokes


Pranit Khurana is a senior at Rocklin High School. Those who have him on snapchat know him as a joke master. Pranit puts a “daily joke” on his story every morning. He makes many people laugh and has gained quite the reputation because of it.

But where and how did this begin?

“So basically one day I saw a joke I really liked and I thought I’d share it on my story. I got a lot of replies with people saying they really like it. So I decided to start posting a joke every morning just to give everyone a quick laugh before they have to go to school,” said Pranit.

Pranit’s jokes are becoming famous. Everyone who has him on snapchat looks forward to their daily jokes. His friends will even get upset if he misses a day.

“I like looking at them every morning cause it’s something that can make me laugh and start my day off right,” said senior Emily Dezzani.

How does Pranit come up with these jokes?

“So I try to think of them on my own if I can, but if Im not able to I usually just go on to like reddit or something and find one,” said Pranit.

Its crazy how Pranit doing something as simple as putting daily jokes on his story brightens so many peoples day. This resembles Pranits personality because he is a very positive and funny guy when you meet him in person. It only suits him to be the guy who puts daily jokes on his snapchat story.