A Freshman Committed to her Future

A Freshman Committed to her Future

One of the biggest stresses of high school is figuring out what you are going to do after. What college will you attend? What will you major in? What clubs or sports will you join?

For sophomore Rocklin High School, Jayla Castro, these stresses are non-existent. Jayla committed to a full-ride scholarship to UCLA for softball going into her freshman year.

Jayla started playing softball when she was only two years old, but she never expected to go this far with the sport. Since, she has been apart of nine travel teams and two high school teams.

This sport has changed her as a person. It helped her with school, motivated her, and helped her set goals for her future.

As a incoming freshman she made the varsity team at Rocklin High School and is currently on it again as a Sophomore.

Since she played on all these teams, she found herself getting very busy with balancing school and softball. For most people this would be a challenge, but for Jayla this was her motivation to keep playing.

“Softball really helped with school work, just trying to you know do better in school so that I can keep playing. It pushed me to goals that I didn’t think I would have. Like growing up I didn’t think I would go to UCLA for softball. It just helped me make more goals that in the future I would need.” said Jayla.

Going into 2019, Jayla will be playing her thirteenth year of softball. Throughout her life she has enjoyed playing other sports. However, her passion for softball has never faded away.

Softball has not only helped Jayla stay active, but has helped her to develop friendships and character traits that she will keep with her throughout her whole entire life