New Year’s Frenzy

How are people’s resolutions going?


New Year’s is a way for people to start over, have a clean slate. Most people set their expectations too high, ultimately failing.

In an article made by Business Insider, they found that “approximately 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February.” So more than likely people’s resolutions end in failure.

Many students and teachers made resolutions at Rocklin High.  Some ended in fails, others are a work in progress. But as the odds prevail, many failed.

“My resolution was to do homework the day it was assigned, but it was over before it even started,”  said sophomore Malaya Silverio.

A lot of goals aren’t able to be achieved in just a few months. These people aimed for an obtainable goal, making it more successful. Even though it’s a more realistic goal, it does take time and with time comes hardship.

“My main resolution is to learn to drive. So far I am doing an online driver education course and I hope to complete that this month so I can go the DMV and get my permit,”  said Samuel Baronowski a sophomore.

“My New Year’s resolution was to have more time for myself with no social media and just relaxing and grounding myself. It’s going pretty well, but has been a little more difficult to juggle along with JV swim,” said sophomore Jasmine Harris.

“So i don’t make new year’s “resolutions” but i do set myself goals to achieve in 2019. So far I have already crossed off my goals, to play in a masters water polo game. I am on track to reach my other goals but not quite there yet,” said RHS teacher Mrs. Kristin Hamm

Overall, New Year’s resolutions are good ways  to try new things and do the stuff you failed to do the year before. But as the years go on, making resolutions become redundant. You make the same goals over and over, but there’s no change.

More than over 53 percent of people make goals that most of them aren’t achieved and left for next year. But all not resolutions fail, people pull through the whole year and achieve what most people can’t.