Women’s March 2019

Women come together to protest against women’s violence


On January 16th, the annual Women’s March takes place in Washington D.C., although people in other states go to their own capital for the march.

The March consisted of food, music and live performances. The main focus was to end women’s violence with the trending hashtag #EndViolenceAgainstWomen and #WomensWave.

This year, the march had to be relocated from D.C. to Freedom Plaza, in Washington. Others are calling the reason of the relocation due to snow, although it did not actually snow, so people are assuming the government shutdown was the reason.

In California, the march took place in Sacramento, near the Capitol. They started at Southside Park and ended at the State Capitol; the route length was about a mile.

A lot of people from Rocklin High attended the march, including Olivia Ragan, a senior. Ragan went last year as well as this year with a group of her friends.

“It has a really good energy there as it’s a great way to express yourself and it is a good way to be heard by those who are in charge,” Ragan explains. Her experience was impactful as it let’s her “use her voice” as a minority and she sees it as a way to “be heard”.

Despite being called the Women’s March, the whole event is not just about women’s rights and their voices. Ragan says, “When you go there it is about women but also gay rights and ending racism, and all that kind of stuff.”

The Women’s March is a great way for people to voice their opinions and for them to fight for something that they believe in, whether it be women’s rights, ending racism or supporting gay rights. Everyone has a voice, and they should be able to use it in a positive way, and the Women’s March is just the place for that