Devotion to Sports

Freshman Bobby Piland balances different sports


Rocklin High is truly a unique school with many different students from all walks of life with all sorts of different talents and hobbies, from students in the dance program, music, band and choir programs and theatre programs, just to name a few. The sports and athletics program is one of the largest and one of the most diverse at our school, ranging from different sports and athletics and from different people from all walks of life.

With the range of newer incoming freshmen, this diverse crowd becomes even more varied, especially with the newer addition of Bobby Piland, a new freshman at our school.

Piland has played football and basketball this past season and is currently invested in the wrestling season, where he has gone all the way to SFL League Champions with his team. This year has been his first year wrestling.

“My coaches in football and basketball really urged me to wrestle and my dad and my step dad have wrestled in the past and they really influenced me to get into it”, says Piland.

“This past season [of wrestling] has been really good, it’s been really different than football since I’m really used to that and it was a lot of competition that I wasn’t really prepared for but it has been really fun so far”.

As well as getting to SFL League Champions in wrestling, his biggest accomplishment is getting to All Metro with football.

After the wrestling season has ended though, Piland doesn’t intend to quit sports, but instead keep going.

“For football and wrestling I’m hoping to keep doing them both throughout my whole four years here, and this next upcoming season I’m looking to try out for baseball and hoping to do that all four years. If baseball doesn’t really work out though, I may try out for track and give that a shot, but for now I’d like to stick to football and wrestling”, says Piland.

Overall, Piland is a very dedicated athlete devoted to playing sports and carrying the torch of all other Rocklin athletes in sports, keeping our athletic name strong, along with all of the other current freshmen involved in sports as well as the other generations of new athletes for years to come.