Following His Bloodline

Adam Brown, a sophomore at Rocklin High School aspires to join both of his brothers in service for his country


Adam Brown is like most kids his age. He enjoys biking, video games, and hanging out with friends. However, he aspires to do something more than most of his peers

He has his hopes set on joining the military. He has two brothers who have or currently serve in the military. Dylan St Dennis, 25, serves in the Air Force as a part of there Security Forces while Travis St Dennis is a former US Marine who currently resides in Arizona with his wife and kids.

Adam is inspired and supported by his brothers and those around him. He has already taken the first step towards future military service by joining the Navy’s Sacramento division of the Sea Cadets, going to a mini-boot camp over 3 days already and is planning on going to a major boot camp in Camp Island, Washington over winter break.

“Serving my nation has always been a hope of mine, and i wish that some of my friends will join me,” says Adam.

Many of his friends have shown some sort of interest in a future military career.

Adam has shown interest in three different branches of the military: the Army, the Marine Core and the Navy. He has not yet decided which branch he wants to join. He plans to, “keep his options open.”

His main goal is to join the military right after high school. He then plans to join the reserves, that way he can get a free education paid for.

“Not only will the military pay for my education, but it will support any career path i choose to pursue after military. It really broadens my life options.”

This young man is a bright student who is willing to put his life on the line for his country, his family, and the American way of life.