Taking A Swing At Life

Impactful, Stress relieving, exciting

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Taking A Swing At Life

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Out of five percent of people who play tennis Lisa Nickel has found and impactful passion through loving the game. Tennis was just a game for Lisa at first and she only played it every once in a while until a day came and  she was sad, playing helped her cope with her emotions.

When Lisa found more love with the sport it became a daily thing were she made new, close friends. Although she doesn’t play for the school it helped her feel more confident having people to enter high school with.

“Serena Williams is my favorite player”, says Lisa. Lisa describes Serena as a role model and a leader

“One of my favorite quotes from her which helps me push through anything is, ‘You have to believe in yourself when no one else does’.”  This was a quote that helped her get through a time period of wanting to quit with so much work and family problems on her mind.

“When I was about to quit I went to a lesson and realized I couldn’t give up something I love so much I had  to push through it.” Everyday Lisa is happy she found a passion and a love of the sport.

Tennis helps Lisa stay in shape and get a good amount of exercise to stay healthy as well as all the other positive benefits in Lisa’s life.

Thankful for the memories she’s made playing always has fun playing “one time I hit the tennis teacher, always something to laugh about,” mentions Lisa.

“Impactful, stress relieving, exciting” Lisa describes tennis. Along with making new friends and helping cope with her emotions, she says “It makes me excited that I have something to look forward to everyday.” Lisa also comments, its helped keep her grades up.