Born with a ‘Green Thumb’

How Nancy Lopez takes action in planning her future

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Born with a ‘Green Thumb’

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The entrepreneurial spirit even at age fourteen. Nancy Lopez, a Rocklin High student, lives in Rocklin California with one out of three siblings.

Her father, Felipe Lopez, started his own gardening business when he was 30 and has kept going for 15 years now. Felipe started the business because “it was the most effective way to utilize his skills and earn a living.”

“I was at the point where I was struggling to come up with ideas of what I wanted to do for the rest of my life,” Nancy started, “I told my dad about it and I guess he kind of sugared me up to taking over his business.”

Nancy is a hardworking overachiever and wanted to do something in her life that benefited her to the best of her ability. “It was also something I could build up with hard work, so that would help me not live a boring life and hating my career.”

“I considered becoming a medical examiner,” Nancy explained, “It would have been

eventful to examine bodies and conduct labs to figure out causes of death and such. After some self reflection though, I realized I probably couldn’t handle the gore.”

Nancy has been considering many different career opportunities to explore during her lifetime. After considering many different options, some more efficient than others, she has decided to stick with the one option she knows will never fail her; taking her father’s business with open arms and achieving her and her family’s expectations.