Upcoming Ski Week

A much needed break from the stress of school


Ellie Stout

As students, we become overwhelmed very easily and very quickly. We all look forward to those week long breaks, to get the chance to destress and sleep in. With all of the chaos during second semester, Ski Week is much needed to calm down and catch up during the hustle and bustle of highschool.

During breaks, there are either the people who stay home and hibernate for a week, or the people who go on exotic trips and post about it on social media.

Kayleigh Broadway, a junior here at Rocklin High, has big plans over Ski Week.

“Me and eight of my friends are going to Disneyland for two days. It’s gonna be a good time, I’m super excited,” she says.

“This break is really helpful, because I’m really stressed with school and it gives me time to relax and come back to school refreshed and ready to learn.

For some people, the last thing they might want to do during a long break is go out and make busy plans when they could take a step back and disassociate from the constant stress and pressure that school can give.

Izzy Ronald, another junior, made different plans for her time off.

“I’ll probably be watching Netflix the whole week, though I would rather be in LA or traveling. I think the break is helpful because I have a week where I can decompress and not stress out,” Ronald says.

Though there shouldn’t be many people literally skiing for a week long, the constant chaos of high school and grade bumping is well worth the break, with plans or not.