The Good Place: The Best Show?

NBC’s Hit Philosophic Comedy


Emily Broad

Only in The Good Place would heaven be filled with frozen yogurt. The Good Place is an NBC comedy created by Michael Schur. The main character, Eleanor Shellstrop is played by Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars). She is joined in the Good Place by the architect who put together the world they live in, Michael (Ted Danson, Cheers) who welcomes her to the Good Place, a utopian afterlife. Michael is the creator, or architect, of the utopian world the show is set in.

In the Good Place, there are soulmates, and Eleanor’s is Chidi Anagonye (William Jackson Harper). They live in a quaint home next to their extravagant neighbor, Tahani Al-Jamil (Jameela Jamil) and her Buddhist monk soulmate, Jianyu Lu (Manny Jacinto).

Except Eleanor knows she doesn’t belong in the Good Place. The Eleanor that was supposed to arrive in the Good Place was a death row lawyer, not a fraudulent saleswoman. Also, Jianyu isn’t a monk. And he’s not Jianyu, he’s Jason Mendoza- a “pre-successful” DJ from Jacksonville, Florida.

In order to stay, Eleanor and Jason have to learn how to be good. Intro Eleanor’s soulmate: an ethics professor. As Chiti and Eleanor work to help her stay, they uncover other residents’ secrets and even that of the architect, Michael.

The Good Place questions what it means to be fundamentally good. The whole purpose of the show is the question “can someone become a good person”. Over the progression of the series, the four leading characters encounter challenges that help them discover how to become better people.

“How to be a better person” is an idea that is relevant to everyone. Everyone has room to improve and The Good Place shows us how our motivations affect our actions and our actions affect other people. Also, the plot-line is hilarious with the combination of trashy Eleanor, perpetually anxious Chiti, haughty Tahani, and clueless Jason.

Watching the four of them traverse the afterlife filled with way too many frozen yogurt places and occasionally giant flying shrimp will have you in stitches, so definitely 8/13 (translation: 10/10) recommend.