New Year Different Classes

Senior Football Schedule Change-up


The first block every day for the players of the football team, starts with football. In 2018 the schedules for the players changed from having the class last period to the first, see that story here. The majority of seniors in high school, elect to only have six classes, coming in the morning and leaving at lunch, but what happens when they are forced out of two of those?

The seniors could not stay in the class because they wouldn’t have anything to do and there would be 60+ students in one class. The seniors were prompted to find classes they could substitute, back in October. Mrs.Worth helped out the seniors finding those classes.

Senior, Sawyer Skerl said, ”The transition was easy and seamless, I saw Mrs.Worth and she put me in as a T.A and one other class, everything worked out good”.

Moving 20 or more students at the beginning of the second semester isn’t easy, but no problems or issues were made. All the seniors switched classes and are continuing their final semester of high school before they start college, or their life.