Escape Room 2018 Movie Summary

The movie, Escape Room, directed by Adam Robitel, takes a chilling twist on normal escape rooms. Each room is a fight to the death.


Escape Room came out in the beginning of 2019, with a rating of 53 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

The story takes place with 6 audacious people from different backgrounds, all connected together somehow. However, this storyline is creepily fascinating, but it is very predictable.

We get introduced with one player solving a room by himself, and later on we learn his name is Ben. He is faced with a puzzle, but starts off wrong and the room starts closing. The movie had a  lot of cliche moments, not having that an original feel to it.

After the starting scene, we’re introduced to three of the six players in the beginning, Zoe, Ben and Jason. All of the players receive a puzzle box with an invitation inside.

At the location of the game, we meet the final three players, Danny, Amanda and Mike. They all have different backgrounds and sort of get off on the wrong foot.

Ben tries to go out for a smoke and ends up taking off the handle of the door. Zoe notices there is an oven dial and begins to turn it, heating up the room.

As time goes on, the room gets hotter and they figure out they need to open a shaft in the wall by using the coasters on the table. All escape unharmed just before the room gets filled with fire. In the first room, we learn a little about Amanda’s backstory.

This movie is one of those where you can’t take your eyes off for even a second. Every bit is action packed, whether it be finding out the clues or escaping.

Entering the second room, they find themselves in log cabin, trying to unlock the code with a seven digit number. Ben finds there are deer heads on the wall, spelling out Rudolph. This tells what happened to him and how he got in a car crash with his friends, while listening to Rudolph the Red – Nosed Reindeer.

After escaping the cabin, they enter the third room with the illusion of being outside. The setting of the room is frozen lake with trees surrounding it. The threat in the room is that the temperature keeps lowering, ultimately freezing them to death.

Jason finds a door that needs a key, which is to be found in a fishing hole using a magnet attached to a fishing pole. They get the key in a block of ice; realizing that Ben has a lighter, Danny tries to get it from him. But on his way, he falls through the ice, drowning.

They get the key out by using their body heat, and as they’re escaping, the ice starts to crack. All five of them escape to find themselves in an upside down pool room.

They realize they need to find the missing eight ball in a safe to unlock the door. This becomes progressively harder, as after a sharp pitch from a telephone, a piece of the floor falls through. Zoe solves a puzzle on the wall telling the code. Once Amanda retrieves the ball, there is only one piece of the floor left.

As the last beep rang, she quickly jumped for the cord of the telephone, slowly losing grip Amanda throws the ball to Jason and falls to her death.

The four left go through to a hospital room with wings that contains information about each player. They all have been in the hospital for their own reasons and that is the turning point in the plot.  

Even though their stories were a big correlating feature, they were mostly straight forward and wasn’t elaborated more.

Zoe, who is still shaken up about Amanda’s death, gets angry to learn that they were all chosen to be in this challenge because they were the last survivors in everyone of their accidents.

This is a very important turning point, it makes the audience gasp every time..

Zoe starts to go in a frenzy saying that the people watching, know all of their moves and starts to smash the cameras. At the same time, the TV in the room was counting down, which was going to signal a chamber to release poison.

Jason realizes to stop it, they need a specific heart rate using an EKG. He first uses Mike’s, but it was too low and uses electric paddles to bring it up, ultimately killing him. The time is up and poison starts coming out, Jason figures out something, using his heart rate, he lowers it at an alarming rate, unlocking the door.

As they were getting out, Zoe wants to be left behind to finish what she started. In the room, we see that she died from the poison.

It seemed like the movie was running out of time, having people die in the last three rooms, instead of it being more spread out.

In the final room, it’s down to Jason and Ben. They need to get a latch open, and find out there is some hallucinogenic serum on it that makes them become disoriented. They find a syringe with something to stop the effects.

They fight for the one dose and Ben realizes that with Jason’s story, he actually killed his companion instead of the person trying to go find help. Jason breaks Ben’s leg, but Ben wins the syringe and kills Jason.

Going through the latch, he enters the last room, this is the same room he was in at the start of the movie.  He soon solves the code and moves them to match, but the room continues to come together.

Just as he’s about to get crushed, it cuts to the hospital room where workers come to claim the bodies, and we find out Zoe wasn’t dead, and she knocks out the two workers.

Ben finds a way to stop the room from closing in and escapes through entering a room meeting the gamemaster. He tells Ben all that happened and why he was put through this. When Ben was least expecting it, the guy strangled him with a wire.

Zoe comes to the rescue stopping the man, and the two eventually shoot the man with a gun Zoe acquired. They go to the hospital, and later that night Zoe returns with the police to find out there wasn’t anything that proved what she was talking about. She noticed there was writing on the wall saying, “There’s no way out.”

Six months later, Zoe was still hung up on what happened and figured out there were patterns in recent deaths. She thinks they’re correlated to the escape rooms they went through. And wants Ben to go with her on a plane to each location. He says yes.

The next scene it’s on a plane about to crash and the flight attendant seems to be finding a clue to open the cockpit. Once it’s open she has to steer away from a mountain approaching. And it turns out it was just a simulation for Ben and Zoe to do.

Overall, the plot is great and moves along just fine. It’s just that it has the vibe from the Saw movies, but with an actual escape room element. It’s not such a thriller, but it does get the viewer on edge and keeps them engaged.