A New Semi-Formal for Rocklin High School

A look into Winter Ball, a new dance put on by the kids of Rocklin High School


Next month Rocklin High School is having their first semi-formal dance for the winter season.

Normally the only semi-formal dance that Rocklin puts on during the year is homecoming, but this year they decided to add another one.

“Instead of the regular semi-formal like homecoming, this ones gonna be a little different.” said junior Geneva Ten Pas from the activities committee.

“Because the the tickets are at the normal price of a casual dance, there’s gonna be less decorations. We won’t have things like a punch bowl, but it’s gonna…for the underclassman since they don’t have another formal second semester. It’s a really cool way for the underclassman to still have the fun of getting dressed up and going to an event like this.”

The dance will happen Saturday, February 9th in the main gym. They haven’t decided the exact start time, but will let students know shortly.

Although the decorations won’t be as elaborate as a normal formal dance, the same amount of time and effort goes into planning an event like this.

“We spent a lot of time in our ASB class deciding things like the theme, date and how much decorations we were gonna have to do. Basketball has their little thunder camp all day, so a lot of thought went into deciding how much decorations we could do because of that. We work on a lot of the details in class” said junior, Sydney Eckenberg.

“This did change some of the ways our ASB class works when it comes to planning. Normally the sophomores are in charge of planning the blacklight dance as part of their ASB duties, but because this semi-formal is replacing that dance, we are working with the sophomores on putting this together” said junior, Geneva Ten Pas.

This dance is a new thing for Rocklin High School, but the activities committee hopes this will create a new wave of excitement for dances, and provide the underclassman with another opportunity to experience the fun of going to a formal dance for a lower cost.