Helping Hand

Rocklin High students dedicate time to helping their fellow students

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Helping Hand

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Rocklin High School features a variety of Physical Education programs including Dance, Team Sports and PE Leadership.

PE Leadership is a class that focuses on students connecting with special education students, participating with them in several different games.

The class has a lot of units including Soccer, Hockey, Volleyball and more recently, Country Line Swing.

Ms. Devinna’s 3rd period freshman class has paired up with Mr. Muscarella’s 3rd period PE Leadership so they can have enough students to partner up and learn the dances.

This is a class that is not only important to the special education students, but has a large impact on the leaders as well.

“It’s a really fun class to take. We get the opportunity to interact with a side of campus that we usually don’t get to,” said Junior Maddy Wiklund.

At the beginning of the year, the class participated in a soccer game involving many students from the leadership class as well as a few soccer players.

Later in the year, Rocklin or Whitney host a Unified Basketball game, in which the special education programs from both school play a friendly game of basketball.

Mr. Muscarella is extremely passionate about this program, always searching for more leaders to join the class.

PE Leadership is an important elective on campus that has a big effect not only on the students who take the class, but the leaders who interact with these students as well.