3 v 3 Basketball Tourney

Runaway Lunch Sport


The annual runaway week hosts a special event for all students to enjoy. This event is a three on three basketball tournament including any grade of students at Rocklin High.

Sixteen teams compete Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but each time a team loses, they are out of the tournament.

After three rounds, the last two teams were Wuelfing and the Other Guys including seniors Cade and Cole Wyant, Joey Wuelfing, and Mateo Ognissanti (seniors) and the winning team was Team Oubre including Mason Becker, Colby O’Brien, Tanner Gomes, and Brandon Lofholm (juniors).

Mason Becker describes the winning experience as “it felt good to win because our team was all former basketball players so it would’ve been embarrassing if we lost so there was actually some pressure.”

Each team played in front of their classmates which would have resulted in pressure but it was Mason’s favorite part.

Runaway was the first week back from break so while there is the pressure of a new semester, students could enjoy fun games of basketball during lunch.