Thunder Galleria Recap

RHS puts on anther successful Thunder Galleria event


Haley Bradbury

This week Rocklin High School hosted Thunder Galleria; a special holiday event for the less fortunate families in our community

Thunder Galleria was started back in 2000 by a senior here at Rocklin High School and has continued to be a tradition to this day.

Minji Kim, one of the leaders for this event, said “Thunder galleria is an event that the students organize; we give kids who don’t have the opportunity to buy gifts for themselves and their families, to shop for free at our school.We are basically giving the kids an opportunity to give because they don’t have the chance to give especially with their financial situation at home.”

This event all happened because of the work of  the schools Thunder Galleria committee. They gathered donations from all over the town, setting up donation drop off spots in places like Granite Oaks and in our own college and career center.

“A big part of our job is getting donations and publicizing, we need to reach out to the whole entire school that we need helpers, and we just spread awareness about this event, and reach out to our community.” said Minji Kim.

Children who are unable to receive or give presents this holiday season due to financial issues or other situations, are invited to come to Rocklin High School and pick out several gifts that they can give to their family members.

Each kid has an elf (a student volunteer), to take them to each toy station, help them pick out gifts, and get to know them.

Over 200 people participated in making this event happen, and over 205 children were able to come to Thunder Galleria and gain new gifts that they will be able to give for this holiday season.

“Thunder Galleria is a really great way to give back to the community, and understand that Rocklin isn’t this huge bubble, where it seems as easy as it is and not everything is provided for some people.” said Kim. “It’s important that we keep in mind that there are other kids who want this opportunity and don’t get to have it”

Thunder Galleria is a perfect example of what this season is about. Giving back to our community will help not only help bring our community together, but bring our school together, and bring joy to others lives.