Alejandro Gonzales: Spooky, Scary Stories

The main interest of Alejandro Gonzales is writing stories


Ever since kindergarten, sophomore Alejandro Gonzales has been writing stories.

He wrote his first story at age five, called “The Boy and the Bee.” It was about a kindergartner who would go on adventures with his pet bee.

His stories have evolved from papers being stapled together to taking up multiple pages on Google Docs.

“I enjoy the process of writing and also enjoy making people happy and making them laugh,” says Alejandro on why he enjoys writing stories.

The stories that Alejandro writes are usually horror stories, but he also writes the occasional comedic story..

“[The horror stories] are extremely surreal, like a dream, like a nightmare.”

One of his stories, “Don’t Answer,” backs up this claim, displaying the spooky and surreal elements of a typical Alejandro horror story.

In the story, the main character is walking to his home and is followed by a suspicious figure. When the character returns home, he begins watching movies, when all of a sudden, the same suspicious figure seen earlier drags the main character into the tv, and ultimately, into hell.

Alejandro has a Youtube channel called Fright in the Night Productions, which contains short films and reviews on horror stories.

“I enjoy making short films because it’s a lot of fun and it’s a nice way to connect with my friends. The reason that we have Fright in the Night Productions is that someday we want to turn it into an official company.”

He also took part in a book called Share Your Scare: A Lulu Anthology. This was a collection of scary stories, in which he wrote a short story called “Bedfellows”.

“There was a contest online for stories to be in a horror anthology, and I got accepted.”

Alejandro Gonzales has been writing stories since he was five, and through 11 years, has worked his way to having many online stories, and has one of his stories published.