Lacrosse Coming to Rocklin

RHS is starting a lacrosse program on campus


Rocklin High School is introducing a freshman boys lacrosse team, focusing on the  freshmen that have a talent in this sport that didn’t really have a platform to showcase it.

This is a wonderful idea and is very accommodating towards the school. There will be more games for students to attend, enjoy, and support. Students will be able to show school spirit and pride more often, as well as more opportunities for students to learn a new sport.  It will also give more attention to the school overall and help the school be more recognized. There are really no negatives to this, as the teams are already built and the season is starting soon.

Lacrosse is a sport that really doesn’t get as much attention as soccer, football, basketball, etc. so it will be interesting for students to watch something they are new to, or something they already were a fan of. Also, it will really help the school raise more money and that would help fund more school activity and fundraisers.