Tennis Wins it All

A team full of seniors wins the section championship


Tennis recently celebrated their big win in the Division One Section Championship against Saint Francis bringing the tennis teams fourth section title. They convincingly won with a score of 7-2. They were the underdog team with Saint Francis being the number one seed and Rocklin being the number two seed.

The girls top 12 varsity team consists of nine seniors, to juniors, and one freshman. It leaves a lot of spots open on varsity to fill next year.

Many of the seniors were able to win their last match in the finals with Canela Luna at one singles, Bailey Greenwell at two singles, Medha Dandamudi at four, Emily Dezzani at two doubles, and Anabelle Tombo at three doubles.

“Looking at our team, it’s an amazing group of young ladies from top to bottom. Winning is fun, it’s important, it’s see the girls excited, but to see the team come together and go towards a goal,” said Head Coach, Mr. Dale Eckenberg.

Four of the seniors in the top 12 have been on varsity since their freshman year and have won three section championships for the team. Canela, Bailey, Medha, and Sam Ilustrisimo have all been top 12 members since their freshman year and are often referred to as the “Fab four”.

“It was really cool to win for a third time on this team,” said senior Sam Ilustrisimo.

The team still has quite a few good players and some promising ones for next year, but with nine seniors leaving this year, the team is quite bare.

Junior Anna Johnson said, “I am super happy with the season. It was really nice to finish off on such a good note since we are losing so many seniors next year, and we don’t really know how the team will look next year.”

This was a much deserved win for the girls tennis team, as they also won the league title. They have truly had a great season. It was a great way for all the seniors on the team to end their last season and leave behind such a great legacy.