World Series Loss Nothing New for LA

The Los Angeles Dodgers lose the World Series for the second straight year

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World Series Loss Nothing New for LA

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If you’re a baseball fan, you’ve seen the iconic, game winning home run off the bat of Dodger Kirk Gibson in 1988; the home run that had Gibson pumping his fist around the bases as he brought home yet another world series trophy to Los Angeles. What you haven’t seen, however, is another one of these trophies presented to the Dodgers a single year since 1988.

This past October, the Dodgers had a chance to end this long World Series championship drought. After coming off a heartbreaking 2017 WS loss to the Houston Astros, this series meant a chance for redemption.

After going down three games to one, the Dodgers tried for a last ditch effort by sending their ace, Clayton Kershaw, to the mound to try and bring the series back to Boston. Kershaw, although undoubtedly one of the best pitchers ever to play the game, had proven to be a little dubious in the postseason.

As often does, history repeated itself in game five as the left hander gave up three home runs to the Red Sox’s powerful lineup. As the sun set on the cool California night, the boys from Boston sealed the deal with a comfortable 5-1 win.

This playoff loss surely created a sickening feeling of deja vu for Dodgers fans. Since their last World Series victory, the Dodgers have made the playoffs 12 times. Their record: 0-12. Adding on the embarrassment is the fact that 6 of these 12 times occured since 2013. 6 straight playoff appearances and six straight losses is definitely a cause for concern.

Junior Regan Peterson is one of the many upset Dodger fans, and she said “I was really disappointed when the Dodgers lost, because we’ve come so close just to lose in the World Series.” As easy as it is to be pessimistic in this situation, Regan is trying to remain an optimist when she says “Maybe third time’s a charm, so there’s always next year.”

This loss just added another layer onto the massive cake of loss for this Dodger franchise. The boys in blue have just over 140 days to prepare for 2019 opening day and try to have another strong season; and as Los Angeles hopes, a strong ending.