Racial Insensitivity

Respecting each other at RHS

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Racial Insensitivity

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Out of about 2,000 students at Rocklin High School, only one percent of the student body is African American. What language is appropriate to use in this type of setting? How can we make sure ourselves and our peers are being respectful of other people.

A lot of people take the N-word lightly. People like to say “oh it’s not that serious!” or “its okay if its in a song,” while not knowing the true history, meaning, or effect it can have on people.

The N- word has a lot of hatred and disgust behind it directed toward Black Africans and African Americans. Historically, the N-word defined, limited, and made fun of all Africans and African Americans.

Originally the word was created to strip black people of their humanity. Because they saw them as less than human, it made it acceptable or easy to say they were property and “justified” slavery.

There have been many instances where students at Rocklin have used the N-word or heard somebody say the N-word. Saying the N-word or texting could be a bigger problem than some may think. These kids are being insensitive to the African American community and/or culture.

“Underneath we have these pockets of racism that rear their ugly heads every so often…were working on those next steps, to try and get to this racial insensitivity and intolerance” says Principal Davis Stewart from Rocklin High School.

Mr. Stewart and the school want to work on a campaign modeled after last year’s  “Stand Up, Speak Up.” so that the whole school can get involved and help work out this issue.

The N-word or any other racial slur should never be taken lightly or used as a joke. There is no difference between the word when it has a hard R or an A at the end. It’s still the N-word.

The N-word isn’t the only issue dealing with racial insensitivity. There are many other issues that our school and world is facing regarding this issue. If you hear or see something that isn’t right don’t be afraid to speak up.

The issue of racial insensitivity is a huge issue facing our community. As a community and a country, we must be more careful about what we say because we never know the impact it could have on someone.