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Final Fall Sports Briefs

Fall sports wraps up the season.

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Frosh football wears pink socks for pinkout for their final home game.

Boys Frosh/Soph Cross Country


Sat, Aug 25 | Oakmont Invitational | Rocklin scored 392

Fri, Aug 31-Sun, Sep 2 | Camp Winthers

Wed, Sep 19 | SFL Meet #1 | Rocklin scored 143

Sat, Sep 29 | Capital Cross Challenge | Rocklin scored 622

Fri, Oct 26 | SFL Championships | Rocklin scored 149

NOTABLE: Rocklin High’s own Matthew Li placed 1st place for Rocklin in every meet this year and truly showed Rocklin pride.

QUOTABLE: “With Cross Country, we are all a really big family, no matter what a person’s speed is. We all treat each other with lots of love like we are a real family,” Ethan fernandez said.

EVERYTHING ELSE: On October 30, Ethan Fernandez came to the publications room along with varsity member Brendan Dowling to talk all about Cross Country in a focus group.

YEAR IN WORDS: The Boys Frosh/Soph XC team had some ups and downs throughout the season, but really pulled through for a great year full of excitement and fun.

Brandon Mick, Alex Bernstein, Jaret Eickman


Boys JV Water Polo

THIS YEAR: They won the League Finals with 7-1.

NOTABLE:  The most impacting moment from this season for the boys was when they beat Granite Bay. Granite Bay was their greatest rival for many years, so this was an exciting win for the team.

QUOTABLE: “As a team we do Otachi before every game. It’s a thing where we’re all in the water and we say this chant, a japanese tribal chant. It’s really cool, and when it’s done correctly it looks scary. It’s been a tradition for Rocklin water polo for many years,” Westley Baird said.

YEAR IN WORDS: The boys had a great season this year, taking first place in league. They are all very happy with how they did and they can’t wait for next season.

Marli Hutak, Kendall Lacker, Tabby Hogue  


Freshman Cheer

THIS YEAR : Freshman cheer cheered at a total 10 football games both at home and away.

NOTABLE: Many people on the freshman cheer team have never cheered before and are really enjoying it so far.

QUOTABLE: Sidney and Sophia Blanco described their team in three words as, “Lovable, passionate, and a family.”

EVERYTHING ELSE: Freshman cheer now turn to prepare for basketball season.

YEAR IN WORDS: “The cheer team has helped me learn a lot about teamwork and time management. I often found it hard to juggle school and cheer. Our team is a family and we are all passionate about the sport,” said by Sophia Blanco during an interview.

Lauren Rose and Katelyn Newton


JV Cheerleading Team

THIS YEAR : This year’s Rocklin JV cheerleading team have cheered a total of 10 home and away football games and are ready to cheer on our incoming basketball team.

NOTABLE: The JV cheer team is now transitioning from football to basketball.

QUOTABLE: “We did the Bishop’s Pumpkin Patch which was really fun. We just did that one and we pretty much clicked. We did a corn maze which was fun. We are but we are not fully clicked. But over time, over the season, we will be fully clicked. We will have more team bonding stuff, like Christmas we are going to go walk the lights which will be a lot more fun,” Emily Gossen said.

EVERYTHING ELSE: The JV Cheer Team is thrilled to start cheering for the basketball players! “I actually really like cheering for basketball, because we are in room temperature and on the court, but it’s a little scary because a ball could fly into your face!” Emily Gossen said.

YEAR IN WORDS: “I think [our connection] is pretty strong. I have known a lot of the girls for a while because a lot of them did do RJT and I had been doing that for years. So I know a lot of them that are new ones and I am becoming friends with them. I would say we do have a pretty strong connection.” (Emily Gossen)

Malia Damacion, Kaylee Mazon, and Devyn Galia


JV Girls Golf

THIS YEAR : The JV girls golf team ended their year winning 9 of their 11 matches.  

NOTABLE: On October 30th, Ella Clark, Kylie Pandis and Karine Nguyen came to the Publications room to discuss this year’s golf season while snacking on cookies.

QUOTABLE: “[The most memorable moment of the golf season was] getting rained out at Soriano, we couldn’t find the van or get our bags into the van since it was raining and muddy. Then Mr. Nichols started singing Ariana Grande when I was sitting next to him in the van,” Kylie Pandis and Karine Nguyen said.

EVERYTHING ELSE: JV golf holds a golf banquet in the Rocklin High School library to commemorate the end of the season and celebrate Mr. Casey Nichols’ final year coaching the JV golf team.

YEAR IN WORDS: JV Girls Golf had a wonderful season this year with only two losses, and they are looking forward to the next golf season.

Audrey Picart and Cara LeRossignol


JV Tennis

THIS YEAR : Including preseason and the regular season, the JV team played a total of six games. Two of the games were in league and the other four matches were in preseason.

NOTABLE: The JV team won their last game of the season.

QUOTABLE: “Everyone is super supportive, nice, hard working, and we [are] successful because of this,” Kylee Weber said.

EVERYTHING ELSE: The JV and varsity team came together to have a Halloween party on Friday night.

YEAR IN WORDS: Great group of girls with one goal: win league. Mission accomplished.

Sam Eckenburg, Jackson Minnick, Landon Dean


Jv Girls Volleyball

THIS YEAR: The JV girls volleyball team ended up with a record of 4-12 while going 2-4 in league. Even though they only managed to defeat 2 teams in the SFL, the teams they did beat were both tough opponents, Whitney and Folsom. The record may not show it, but this group of girls have improved immensely both on and of the court from last year.

NOTABLE: The team is looking forward to next year to try and improve. The team also won their final game against Whitney.

QUOTABLE: “It was a building season, we will come back next year even stronger mentally and physically,” Megan Adams said.

EVERYTHING ELSE YEAR IN WORDS: The team plans to stay together as they move up to varsity and keep the strong bond and connection that they already have. With the addition of upcoming JV and existing juniors on the team, they plan to be a dominant team in the league.

Zach Nigh, Jaylen Pickens, and Dylan Branco


Frosh Football

THIS YEAR: The frosh football team got to enter highschool together. This was the year that Rocklin high had their first ever girl football player. At first the boys were hesitant, but Isabella Minelli grew on them. They had many eventful team dinners, long hard working practices, bus rides full of laughs, and a game that displayed their great ability on the field. The team had a great season! The future of Rocklin HIgh school football is in good hands.

NOTABLE: Won 7 out of the 10 games they played this season.

QUOTABLE: “We win when we work as a team. If we don’t then we will lose,” Peyton Smith said.


Last week Jake Moore’s sister came from college to surprise him at the Thursday game against Granite Bay. Their reunion was heartwarming and the surprise worked out well.


A year full of memories, good laughs, and hard training.

Grace Alfaro, Mia Mcgarry, Abby Williams, and Jazzy McMillan


Frosh VB

THIS YEAR: The frosh volleyball season is over. Over the course of the season, a random group of girls became friends for life. They were good throughout the whole season, scoreboard wise. Now all they have to do is wait for the next season!

QUOTABLE: “I loved our team so much, they were really good, and great teammates. My favorite part of the season is when we beat when in our last game,” Qunci Davis said.

YEAR IN WORDS: Overall they described the year as a great experience, and would totally do it next year. They loved team bonding events such as suffering through thunder hill, and pasta parties at each other’s houses. Annie said, “Winning also made it a lot of fun.”

Lucas Bost


JV Football

LAST WEEK: JV Football ended the season on an 8-2 record.

NOTABLE: Defensive only allowed 76 points, 7.6 points per game. That came out to be the best defence in the whole league.

QUOTABLE: “Our coaches played a big role for our success this season,” Jaylen Pickens said.

EVERYTHING ELSE: The teams returning players, and returning juniors, are excited for next season to improve.

YEAR IN WORDS:  “After freshman year of going 5-5, this season was a huge step up and showed us our true potential, and we can’t wait for varsity and do even better,” Zach Nigh said.

Justin Eklund, Teeg Slone, William McWilliams, Layne Swenson


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