Can The Sophomores Now Win Rallies?

Mr. Thompson teaches sophomores how to win rallies.


At the Welcome Back Rally, the sophomores believed they were worthy of a higher spot than fourth place, yet that was what they received.

At the Homecoming Rally, the sophomores again believed that they were worthy of a higher spot than fourth place, and yet again, that was what they received.

The sophomores ended the Welcome Back Rally chanting, “This is Rigged!” to which Mr. Thompson responded by saying he would remember. Mr. Thompson seemed to have lived by his word based on the score the sophomores received at the Homecoming Rally. Overall, though, the sophomores left both rallies thinking they were terrible at rallies.

Then, two Mondays ago, there was a class meeting in the large gym. Some sophomores believed that they were in trouble, while others did not know what was going on. When the sophomores arrived at the large gym, Mr. Thompson told them why they weren’t winning rallies.

“What place did you guys get at the last rally?” Mr. Thompson asked. The sophomores in attendance responded with “fourth.”

Mr. Thompson explained how the sophomores had come close to winning rallies, but the difference was the 10-15 ‘knuckleheads.’ The ‘knuckleheads’ would cross over the line or not be quiet when needed to, and that is what would ultimately cost the sophomores the rally.

Mr. Thompson said that it should be the sophomores’ responsibility to find the 10-15 knuckleheads and send them to the anti rally. The sophomores would then have a great opportunity to win the rally.

“It’s a little disappointing that we keep losing. But if we improve, hopefully we’ll get at least third [place] next time,” says Josh Garland, a sophomore.

It is believed that the Class of 2021 will be the only class at Rocklin High School to never win a rally.