It’s Showtime!

Rocklin High school fall play, Jane eyre, was an exemplary play performed by the students of Rocklin High


The take on Jane Eyre was executed beautifully. The actors were able to capture the essence and depict the message of Jane Eyre clearly to the audience.

Jane Eyre, played by Grace Shows, had an exceptional performance. She was able to illustrate the pain and sorrow her character had to go through in her life.

The other cast members put on a memorable show as well. They took each scene to the best of their ability. Their english accents were foolproof, sounding exactly as a person may sound in northern England.

The overall acting was phenomenal, executing every line, spot on emotion and accents. Sometimes there were a few stumbles, but as professional actors they were able to recover quickly.

Every scene of the play was filled with action and emotion. Some of the scenes were very intense, which made it feel overwhelming for the audience.

One specific scene in Act 2 was played beautifully, every line Grace said sent chills down my back. The background music and dramatic sounds helped tremendously with the effect of the scene.

The lighting and sounds used in the play were integrated seamlessly, adding more intensity to every action.

But a lot of times the music was a little much, masking the actors voice. It also started to become overwhelming and the scene went on.

The lighting was always contemporary to the mood of the scene. It guided the audience on where they should focus their attention when there is a lot going on.

Overall, the play was a success, all thanks to the wonderful people putting in their best efforts in their live version of Jane Eyre.