Broadcasting’s Plans for the Future

What does Mr. O'Donnell have planned for the future of broadcasting?


Do you have a story that you want to tell? Maybe Broadcasting could be your opportunity.

Mr.O’Donnell, a Broadcasting/video teacher at Rocklin High School, moved to Rocklin from

Nevada in 2001. He started out as a history teacher at RHS and loved doing different video activities with his history classes.

Eventually he got the opportunity to work as a Broadcasting teacher.

Mr. O’Donnell now teaches 4 beginning classes and 2 advanced classes. With all these students and work on his shoulders he still wants to expand and create bigger things for Rocklin High School.

He just recently got a new room for his advanced class and wants to use this new space as a place to expand on new ideas with his advanced class.

“IT NEEDS TO GO BIG BABY, BIG,” said O’Donnell regarding the class

O’Donnell plans to have his classes work on making short films as well as having his kids be hands on and independant with a news show every friday.

Another thing Mr. O’Donnell and his advanced class is working on is a podcast called “We are Rocklin.” He wants the kids to be able to be storytellers as well as giving other students a chance to tell their stories.

He wants his students to go out and talk to all different types of people and find “ All different walks of life” from students and teachers.

“ You look out the window as a teacher and see all these faces walk past every day [and] realize that every kid has a story. Every kid has a lot of stories. And many of those kids don’t have an opportunity to tell those stories. And we connect as humans through stories, storytelling.”

If you want a opportunity to tell your story or experience other people’s stories, try out Broadcasting.